Strategic Plan


Aligning your team's talent with your business vision

Due to our commitment to quality, continuous improvement and our goal to be a company of excellence, we are currently working with the EFQM (European Foundation for Quality Management) model to obtain its seal.

The strategic policy of the organization for the period 2014-2017 is aimed at acquiring a greater level of commitment to the Stakeholders by enhancing the already existing lines of work (customer satisfaction) and opening new policies aimed at meeting the current and future needs of our workers, Society as a whole, and commitment to the Environment creating alliances with all interest groups.

For this, it has been essential to analyze the environment in which we evolve, our strengths and weaknesses to know our competitive advantages and to work in a constant evolution.

Based on this analysis, key strategic objectives have been defined to achieve the goals of the organization. The strategic objectives of the organization set for the period 2014-2017 are:


OE.1.Sustainable Sustainability of the organization

OE.2.Design of tailor-made projects to meet the specific demands of public clients

OE.3.Capture a greater number of clients and satisfy them

OE.4.Management and Shared Success

OE.5.Design and development to provide solutions to our customers

OE.6.Development of the Portfolio and Effective Marketing

OE.7.Efficiency with Excellence

OE.8.Organizational Learning and Personal Satisfaction

OE.9.Technology (cost control, e-learning tools) and Management of Intangible Resources in support of the Strategy.

ACCIÓN LABORAL with the co-financing of the EUROPEAN UNION and the European Social Fund, is committed to youth employment: