Environmental Communication


In our efforts to achieve excellence and our commitment to society and the environment, from the Acción Laboral direction, we have implemented an Integrated Quality and Environmental Management System based on ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 14001: 2015 standards, achieving the +400 seal of European Excellence.

For all this and as a value in the transparency of our management we decided to communicate to
society and other stakeholders the significant environmental aspects of our entity through this press release.

If in the future, the activity that we develop in Acción Laboral undergoes substantial changes that may generate other significant environmental impacts in the environment, it will be communicated in the same way.

We have done an analysis of the environmental aspects generated in our daily activity and we have found the following environmental aspects that generate significant impacts:


Gasoline or Gasoline Consumption Pollution of atmosphere, water and soil Displacement of the support department to the different offices distributed throughout the country.
Natural gas consumption Pollution of atmosphere, water and soil Produced in the offices in which this heating system is installed due to the development of normal activity.
Electrical energy consumption Electrical energy consumption Consumption necessary for the development of normal activity.
Toner cartridge consumption and associated residual generation Document preparation and printing
Generation of lumination and / or fluorescent wastes Pollution of water and soil Office lighting


In order to minimize the impact of these aspects we have adopted a series of actions and measures in all Acción Laboral offices, combined with its policy of good environmental practices that is established and practiced by all the staff of the entity.

In addition year after year we will continue working so that these aspects stop producing significant impacts while minimizing them to the maximum.